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RedBus.in - Redbus.In Customer Care Has Become Pathetic

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/18/2017 | Views: 824

I was travelling from Goa to Hyderabad and I needed help regarding boarding point. I tried to call the Bus operator's customer care (two consecutive days) and it was not working, no body was picking up the call. Sometimes the number says it is out of service. I tried to call RedBus.in customer ca...

Prestige - Prestige Oven Toaster Griller Demo Is Pending For Last 2 Months, No One Visits For Demo Despite 10-15 Times Phone Call

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/23/2017 | Views: 727

I had purchased Prestige Oven Toaster Griller few months back. To get the demo I called on the given number on the voucher (for demo). Their customer care people picks up the call and promise that someone will come for the demo in next 24 hours or so but months have passed and no one has shown up. ...

A O Smith - Frustrated With A O Smith Water Heater Customer Care

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/23/2017 | Views: 1208

I had purchase A O Smith water heater few months back from Pai International Hyderabad. They have provision that after installation, you contact the customer care and they send you the decorative panel (blue, red etc.) to fix on the water heater to look beautiful. I contacted the customer care nu...

Apple - Iphone 7 hangs while calling

Ma ManideepGoud on 1/23/2017 | Views: 597

Last week I was using Iphone 7, Suddenly Phone was hanged and not even showing any thing, Even if i hold power button for some time also, it is not showing anything. So many of customers are facing this problem, while i need to call other person and my phone was hanged and i do not know the conta...

Godaddy.com - Credit Card Fraud By Godaddy.Com

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/25/2017 | Views: 1187

I am a Godaddy customer for last 10 years. As my domain and windows hosting from Godaddy.com was about to expire, a Godaddy executive called me on 19th Jan 2016 over phone and assured me 25% to 30% discount if I renew over phone. I agreed, he asked me if I am on the computer and can login to t...

UBER INDIA - Unnecessary Payment Deduction

Su Sundeep Saproo on 2/5/2017 | Views: 982

I today(05/02/2016) booked Uber cab from ph no 7569053155 however driver was not able to find my location and he cancelled the ride but still charged fee to my account. even though we have multiple times called him and told him the location which he was not able to understand. Even though it is n...

Xiamo- MI4 - Mi4 Phone Is Getting Heat

De Deepu on 2/27/2017 | Views: 793

Phone is getting heat with in 10 minutes of usage

Godaddy.com - Godaddy Domain Buy Service -- Pure Cheating

Je Jeevan on 3/27/2017 | Views: 932

GoDaddy, please stop some cheap tricks of getting visitors to your site converting them to customer by promising of domain they are looking for…. When I got onto godaddy, searching for a domain, it shows it is not available, and then prompts “you can still own it and we help you .. pay Rs:xx...