- Redbus.In Customer Care Has Become Pathetic

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/18/2017 | Views: 826 Resolved complaint!

I was travelling from Goa to Hyderabad and I needed help regarding boarding point. I tried to call the Bus operator's customer care (two consecutive days) and it was not working, no body was picking up the call. Sometimes the number says it is out of service.

I tried to call customer care number.

After 5-8 calls to the RedBus customer care, I got connected and many times it got disconnected without talking. Finally it got connected and when I asked about the boarding point, the person told from other side that they do not have any information about it. I argued and then they says the boarding point available for the bus I have booked is not coming and only 1 boarding point is there (originally there were 3).

When I told them that operator number is not working, they gave another number and when I called that number was not in service.

I told the RedBus person that can you write a complaint against the Bus operator and he refused to do so saying this is not a problem.

So on the whole I had no one to help in Goa to know about my bus. It was so frustrating and pathetic experience.

The service provider has been notified about this complaint.


Redbus on 1/21/2017 wrote

Hi Narayan,

Greetings from redbus !!

We regret for the inconvenience caused.

We request you to kindly share the ticket id. We'll get this issue escalated to our relevant stake holders to take necessary measures on them.

Feel free to reach us at for any further assistance.

redBus Team.

Sheo Narayan on 1/21/2017 wrote

Thanks redBus team,

My ticket id (no) is TJDC97924996

Redbus on 1/24/2017 wrote

Hi Narayan,

Greetings from redbus!!

We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused.

As discussed on call, we have noted your feedback and we have taken the issue very seriously with the bus operator to take the necessary measures on the same. We'll ensure such type of issues will not occur again.

Thank you for your kind patience and co-operation.

Feel free to reach us at for any further assistance.

redBus Team.

Sheo Narayan on 1/24/2017 wrote

Thanks redBus team for the call and understanding my situation.

Keep doing good work.

Sheo Narayan on 1/28/2017 wrote

Thanks team for providing such a nice platform that help us resolving my issue..

rajesh on 10/10/2017 wrote

Hello sheo,

Thanks for sharing your experience. May your site help us

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