- Godaddy Domain Buy Service -- Pure Cheating

Je Jeevan on 3/27/2017 | Views: 932

GoDaddy, please stop some cheap tricks of getting visitors to your site converting them to customer by promising of domain they are looking for….

When I got onto godaddy, searching for a domain, it shows it is not available, and then prompts “you can still own it and we help you .. pay Rs:xxxxx ..” What will be a user’s understanding, If I pay that amount, I will get the domain, or at least think that domain is ready to be sold and godaddy will help there. Surprisingly those two are wrong assumptions..

For the first time I also noticed that “Buying a Domain” is different from “Buying Domain Service” (Domain buy service). Unless a regular domain buyer, who will know what those TEXT means. Further when you agree and get on to the cart page, you see the following image: (For to understand clearly difference between buying domain v/s buying domain buy service, I have added another domain)

See the commonality between these for an user to easily mistake:
Both are termed as Products to purchase, fine!!

Both of the products have common logo (really, fine? Not even a distinguishing between domain purchase v/s buy domain service)

Domain Buy Service & .COM Domain Registration is the ONLY Text that is different., how & where would client know that the first product is JUST a service, and he doesn’t own the domain by paying the amount that he is asked to pay for?

Why there is NO DISCLAIMER or NO CONDITIONS or NO CLEAR DISTINGUISH between buying domain & service.

After all of it, I came to know that Godaddy is NOT SURE if the CURRENT OWNER of DOMAIN is still ready to SELL or NOT, and Godaddy can only reach out to seller to verify that, and the amount they charge is for that … wohh!!

I came across this pathetic experience and so sharing, Either this have been done as like most of the web sites do, a cheap trick of getting users on to the site first or without complete study of user experience. Either ways it can leave few frustrating clients, as they end up paying.

I ended up paying Rs: 4000 just for falsified data , so request you to interviene and get the justice done , also pass information to Godaddy to make necessary changes to the application so that it won't happen with other users.


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The service provider has been notified about this complaint.


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