UBER - Unwanted Charges And Mental Harassment

PA PAYAL LOHIA on 4/30/2017 | Views: 839


I am sorry to use your Uber cab Service. it is such a globally renounced company but today what i faced has totally changed my perception about it.

Today (i.e 30/04/2017) at 9:07 pm i have booked the cab from Metro Cash and Carry Kolkata to Netaji Bhavan in kolkata, I had booked the cab under Uberpass option , it showed me the price of Rs. 89.
I got the cab with No. WB04G0320 and its driver name is MD Imran. Firstly he took the wrong way which is longer than usual when we asked then he misbehaved and said that if you cant bear the charges then why you booked the cab and all , his words were very shrewd to hear still we didn't said anything.
When we reached the destination which was actually before the destination the gave, we got down at Jatin Das Park and He stopped our journey the bill suddenly popped of Rs. 263.41,which is thrice the amount shown to us and Kilometer we travelled 9.70 km,
When we asked for that again he misbehaved and called the Customer Care , but i was shocked to see the service of customer care, the man said the bill of 263.41 when i tried to talk to him he refused and he also rather then solving the problem asked the driver to let us sit until we pay the unwanted extra bill. Finally we paid the entire amount as we were already much frustrated with the service.

it was really mental harassment for me to use your service. i have lost the money along with time and got harassed too.

So, i kindly request you to please refund my entire amount of bill and take strict action against the driver and the person sitting there at help desk.

Payal Lohia
Mob : 9830487065



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