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Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/18/2017 | Views: 618 Resolved complaint!

I was travelling from Goa to Hyderabad. I tried to reach VRL customer care to know about my travel details and to my surprise their customer care number written on the ticket was not working (sometimes not in service message, ringing but not responding).

I tried to call the ticket vendor and they gave another number and even that number was not in service.

After 10-12 attempt, finally I got VRL customer care connected (Goa) and they responded so rudely saying that before 1 hour of travel I will get the SMS about my trip. I asked what if I live far from boarding point and I need some info so that I can make it before reaching boarding point and they responded saying 'we do not have'.

I received SMS few just minutes before the travel time and that SMS had no contact information at all.

Another worse thing happened is that while coming from Goa to Hyderabad, the bus went out of order after 2 hours in mid-night about 1.00 AM. We had to wait till 4.30 AM on the road to get another bus. This but also left us 4 hours before Hyderabad to a small motel (Raichur) and we had to board another bus of VRL to reach to Hyderabad (so 3 bus shifting).

It took almost 22-23 hours to reach home from Goa. Such a pathetic experience.

Can I expect VRL to fix these issues mainly customer care so that we do not get these kinds of experience in future?

The service provider has been notified about this complaint.


Rajnish on 1/20/2017 wrote

I agree with Sheo, I had good experience with VRL earlier but now their service is getting poorer.

Hope they will solve it soon.

Peter on 1/23/2017 wrote

The feedback of valued passengers is noted very seriously by VRL Management and remedial action will be initiated to avoid happening of such things in future.

Sheo Narayan on 1/24/2017 wrote

Thanks VRL Team, hope the next time I choose VRL I will have better experience.

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