A O Smith - Frustrated With A O Smith Water Heater Customer Care

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/23/2017 | Views: 1209 Resolved complaint!

I had purchase A O Smith water heater few months back from Pai International Hyderabad. They have provision that after installation, you contact the customer care and they send you the decorative panel (blue, red etc.) to fix on the water heater to look beautiful.

I contacted the customer care number written on the box and they promised it many times (at least 8 - 10 times) that it will be send.

Months have passed and I am still waiting for the A O Smith decorative panel. When I call them, they says it will be sent, they will raise a complaint against this case. Sometimes they says they will call back after sometimes to tell the status. Till now I have not received any call from them and not even the panel. This is a complete cheating and playing with customers.

Very very frustrated with A O Smith water heater customer care, they do not have courtesy to follow their own complaint and ensure that customer is served well.

Attaching the delivery slip of my purchase.

Can A O Smith company resolve this issue immediately?


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The service provider has been notified about this complaint.


Sheo Narayan on 1/24/2017 wrote

Interestingly an executive from A O Smith called me after reading this post and again same thing happened. He listen my concern of not getting decorative panel and then told to call after an hour. At least 14 hours have passed and no call till now.

What the hell these guys are doing, I will not recommend A O Smith to anyone now and also will not buy any more. These foreign companies are hell to take services from.

I am going to raise this to their international office now if this is not resolved.

sriniwas prasad on 1/25/2017 wrote

I also need the same ..
But i dont know whom to contact ..
And why installation technician provide the same at the time of installation.


Sheo Narayan on 1/25/2017 wrote

I think you should contact the customer care number written on the Water Heater box, however they are very slow in responding as I can see in my case. They promise things and then forget.

Now I have got a call saying my panel will be delivered on this Saturday, 28-Jan-2017. Let's see if this really happens or this is another fake promise made by them.


Sheo Narayan on 1/28/2017 wrote

I have received the decorative panel. Thanks IndianConsumerComplaints.org team, your help was much appreciated in resolving this complaint.

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