- Credit Card Fraud By Godaddy.Com

Sh Sheo Narayan on 1/25/2017 | Views: 1188 Resolved complaint!

I am a Godaddy customer for last 10 years.

As my domain and windows hosting from was about to expire, a Godaddy executive called me on 19th Jan 2016 over phone and assured me 25% to 30% discount if I renew over phone.

I agreed, he asked me if I am on the computer and can login to the my account of, I did and both domain and windows hosting account was automatically added in my cart and the total amount confirmed after applying promo code was INR 7040. I clicked on Check out button and paid the amount through my credit card.

My order number is 1079719055.

After the payment when I saw the email, I got charged INR 14836 extra amount. Not only the discount was removed but another Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel was added in my order by the executive over call and the total of INR 21,876.45 was charged. When I asked the executive over phone (he was on standby) he said that the Linux hosting has been added by mistake by him and that order will be canceled and the amount will be refunded to my credit card. I re-confirmed that the amount will be refunded and I will be charged only INR 7040 and the executive over phone said 'Do not worry sir, the amount will be refunded in 5-6 days to my credit card and I will take care of this'.

After 5 days on 25th Jan, I called customer care as I didn't get the amount in my credit card. After waiting a lot I got connected their customer care number and they took good 30 minutes time to understand the problem (unqualified people) and after that keeping me on hold multiple times one of the Lead of customer care said that the amount can't be refunded. I asked why, he said even if it is their mistake as the Linux hosting was added by mistake, they can't refund the amount to credit card but they can refund to godaddy wallet. I said that I need in my credit card not in wallet they said it can't be done.

I might choose another option to cancel the entire order and if I choose this I will loose the domain I have renewed and the windows hosting plan and the setup that is done in the hosting plan. Naturally I will not choose. I insisted to refund the amount only to my credit card and the executive told me that he will call me back in 45 minutes (I do not need to call them back).

I waited for 2 hour and I didn't get the call.

In the mean while I also talked on Godaddy online chat and that fellow helped me in deleting the Linux hosting from my account and assured me that the amount will be refunded to my credit card and I will need to talk to Billing department again as he is leaving a note for them in my account.

I called to the customer care billing department after 2-3 hours and the same history I had to repeat to this feel despite I told that you might have a note to go through and know the history of this case. This fellow again kept me for hold for about 20-30 minutes and again started telling me the same story the 1st guy had told that he can't refund the amount.

I said that if the mistake is from their side why can't they refund the amount and why the extra amount was charged in my credit card without my consent. They do not have answer and without listening to me they repeats the same thing that they can't refund the amount.

Now I came to know that it is a fraud is doing to collect money from Indian customer. They call over phone and allure the customer in the name of discount and while you make payment they add some other products into your account and charge the credit card removing all the discount they were offering and charging high amount.

Attached is my order email.

I had not expected this kind of fraud from Godaddy as I am very old customer. I would not recommend anyone to get services as they have become pathetic and unreliable.


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The service provider has been notified about this complaint.


Sheo Narayan on 1/28/2017 wrote

UPDATE: has agreed to refund the entire order amount with another order amount of the original renewals. I opted for that and as per them, the refund order has been made and the entire amount should come to my credit card in another 5-7 working days.

Let's see, I am waiting.

Sheo Narayan on 2/10/2017 wrote

I am happy to inform that the full amount has been refunded to my Credit card.

Thanks for helping me getting my amount back!


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