About us

IndianConsumerComplaints.org is a website developed by group of people who have been cheated by companies, organizations, and individuals.

As we do not want others to face the same problem/issue we have faced, we decided to have a website where people can submit their complaints and we shall try our best to route their complaints through this public website so that those companies, organizations, individuals feels a bit of pressure to resolve their complaints.

Of course there are few other websites dedicated to this subject as well however, they have several limitations; such as you will not be able to delete/modify your complaints once submitted (if you wish to do that for certain reason).

On IndianConsumerComplaints.org, we give complete freedom to the owner/author of the complaints either to modify, delete or hide the complaints temporarily or permanently (Read FAQs for more).

We hope all your complaints routed through IndianConsumerComplaints.org will have a happy ending and you will feel glad about it.

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